Who we are

About Ecologic and Masanori Shintani

About Masa Shinitani: Ecologic was established in January 2008, right beneath the iconic Mt. Fuji. The founder of Ecologic, Masanori Shintani, works as an international ecotourism consultant in over 12 countries. He has more than 20 years of ecotourism development experience under his belt. Today, Masa Shinitani lives in the scenic Yuno village in Fujinomiya at the foot of Mt Fuji, with his college sweetheart and daughters.

Ecologic Mission: To protect the natural environment, regional cultures and dignity of the local community through community-based ecotourism.

Ecologic Responsibility: To promote principles of responsible tourism.  Ecologic has a responsibility to protect the environment, local cultures and communities around the world.

To learn more about Ecologic visit www.ecologic.or.jp (Japanese language only).

What we do

An authentic side of Shizuoka

In spring 2017, Ecologic launched En-Ya Mt Fuji Ecotours, tours and Ecotours that introduced visitors to a more authentic side of Shizuoka and Japan. Ecologic works together with Fujinomiya city's businesses to highlight cultural and outdoor experiences and attractions, promote the local arts, and create services that are English-friendly, including teaching locals English.  

Activities include cycling through Yuno village's fields, temples, shrines and thatched houses. Cooling off at the majestic Shiraito Falls and hiking to the Hoei crater on Mt. Fuji. Creating Japanese traditional wagashi sweets and strolling the shoutengai (traditional shopping streets). Visiting Mt Fuji Sengen Taisha shrine in a personalised Kimono. All Ecotour proceeds help support local vendors.

To book a Fujinomiya experience with En-Ya, see our three most popular tours or see our reviews on Trip Advisor. 

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Ecologic is the organisation that operates Mt Fuji Ecotours, and Ecologic in early 2018 received the Japan Ecotourism Special Award by The Japan Vice Minister of Environment.